Kimchi For Beginners Workshop (25 Nov 2017)

$85 per pax. Min 4 pax to start.

Hullo, we're not just about cakes! Learn the easy way of making the classic, spicy napa cabbage kimchi called 'tongbaechu-kimchi'. This dish is so common and iconic among Koreans, they simply call it....kimchi. When folk talk about kimchi,this is the dish they're referring to, despite there being many varieties of kimchi in Korean cuisine.

We will teach you a great time-saving way of making kimchi, compared to making whole cabbage kimchi. But the resulting taste is exactly the same as whole cabbage kimchi, because the ingredients are the same!

The hands-on session will cover salting of cabbage, making porridge, prep-ing of vegs and introduction to seasonings & spices.

Each participant will get to bring home the kimchi they have prepared.

Regular price $85.00